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It is critical that organizations have systems in place that speed “time to market” and react to an ever changing market demand. Thermo Scientific™ LIMS Solution for Metals & Mining are essential for quality, optimized efficiencies, throughput of continuous processes, and compliance with product and environmental safety standards, helping the company maintain profitability.

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LIMS are also vital for organizations that need to improve performance and reduce production cycles, and a LIMS is critical for certifying the end product. Industrial LIMS are an important component of a comprehensive quality management solution that often includes Process Information Management Systems (PIMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Together, these systems continuously monitor and control production processes.

Today, mining companies need a LIMS with greater flexibility and ability to meet the needs of the broader organization. An ideal LIMS is one that serves as an integrated platform capable of supporting key enterprise processes and systems. Enterprise LIMS include XML web services for open communication with lab and enterprise applications, and client/server functionality for greater access to information and insight into data across the organization. Specifically developed for enterprise deployments, Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™:

  • Can be implemented in one or multiple instances
  • Is scalable for a large user base and is available in multiple languages
  • Is flexible and configurable to accommodate various workflows, lab types and user communities across the enterprise

SampleManager LIMS:

  • Integrates easily with other applications and instruments in and out of the lab, providing one standard user-interface
  • Helps companies enforce process standardization across multiple labs
  • Includes a web browser interface for remote sample login, data access and reporting
  • Provides secure access to LIMS data for laboratory staff, remote users and external customers
  • Allows the LIMS to be delivered as a network service that can be integrated using common Internet standards, such as ASP, XML, SOAP and HTTP

These industry standard tools help dramatically simplify and reduce the costs of integrating SampleManager LIMS with other laboratory and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A global solution helps reduce the total cost of ownership. Enterprise LIMS reduce costs by centralizing and consolidating IT and technical support personnel. With one solution, departments can develop more knowledge of a particular LIMS to identify and solve problems faster, even anticipate them before they occur. This frees staff to focus on business activities. An enterprise LIMS reduces downtime and increases productivity for the end-user. Lower costs are also achieved in the areas of implementation, systems integration, upgrades, application development and training. In addition, standardization streamlines vendor relationships and improves purchasing power.

Ensure Product Quality and Avoid Delays

With an enterprise LIMS, companies can spot trends and monitor product quality more quickly and easily, dramatically improving their overall quality control process. An integrated approach results in better data flow, less redundant data and virtually no transcription errors and increased laboratory efficiency all while maintaining the highest quality standards. Duplicate data and manual entry of sample requests and testing parameters are eliminated through instrument integration. SampleManager LIMS helps ensure accurate data flow between the lab and the rest of the organization. Having that data available to managers and decision-makers organization-wide leads to faster, data-driven business decision-making.

Compatible with:

Thermo Scientific Integration Manager

Thermo Scientific Atlas CDS


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