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As molecular and genetic diagnostics move from the benchtop to the bedside, researchers and clinicians must develop lab processes that are responsive to physician and patient needs, while also meeting the technical demands of a medical research lab. Their data management solution has to be able to manage secure patient information, and also handle laboratory data, sample tracking, dynamic workflows and instrument integration.

To meet the needs of hospital physicians, as well as clinical researchers, Thermo Scientific™ Clinical LIMS Software delivers a lab-centric solution for patient-centric results.

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Combining the sample-centric functionality of a LIMS with the patient-centric functionality of a traditional Laboratory Information System, Clinical LIMS offers flexibility, configurability and ease-of-use for researchers and clinicians, as well as increased automation and sample throughput.

The system was specifically designed for clinical testing and molecular diagnostics labs requiring sophisticated, secure sample tracking and data management, as well as research tools and business enterprise integration. It supports the lab’s end-to-end clinical business processes, and can easily integrate with internal applications and laboratory instrumentation, as well as external partners and collaborators.

Clinical LIMS enables bi-directional communication between physicians and the lab via a dedicated Lab Web Portal, and is fully compliant with key industry regulations related to protecting patient privacy (HIPAA) and those governing clinical testing (CLIA).

Physician-Friendly, Patient-Centric Clinical Data Management
  • Physicians' Interface provides a secure web-based interface for submission of test requests to the lab, tracking sample progress and access to published patient reports
  • Complete Patient Management functionality facilitates comprehensive patient clinical record tracking, including: insurance information, consent information, family and medical history, clinical notes and testing results history
  • Clinical Vocabularies and Health Level 7 (HL7) Messaging support CLIA-mandated exchange of information between clinical laboratories and external partners
  • Comprehensive data security and audit trail capabilities address the needs of both the laboratory data and protected health information (PHI)
  • Built-in billing and CRM functionality integrates seamlessly with existing business systems that manage accounting and customer information

Powerful, Full-Featured LIMS Designed for Clinical Labs
  • Configurable Hierarchy manages data collected during the sample testing process and is integrated with chain-of-custody, location management, aliquot/derivative and pooled sample tracking
  • Workflow Management expedites the mapping of static and dynamic processes without the need for custom programming, allowing users to organize data and manage tasks effectively via an intuitive graphical interface
  • Biospecimen and plate management capabilities include graphical workflows and user friendly plate editors, as well as built-in integration functionality to facilitate increased throughput and automation
  • Instrument Integration and automation capabilities support advanced robotics, next-generation sequencing, analyzers, etc., and facilitate standardization of processes and simplifies operations across the clinical network
  • Enterprise Business Integration facilitates enterprise-level information exchange by integrating the Clinical LIMS with other systems like EMH, CRM, ERP, billing via HL7 messaging, web services and application interfaces


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