Thermo Scientific™

GRAMS/3D Spectroscopy Software

Manipulate large 3D data sets in real-time on their PCs and see unseen information hidden in multidimensional data with Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS/3D Spectroscopy Software, an interactive visualization package for spectroscopy data and chemometric modeling.

GRAMS/3D adds real-time, interactive 3D graphic visualization to the extensive list of capabilities already included in GRAMS/AI. GRAMS/3D provides high quality 3D graphics with performance which was previously only attainable on expensive workstations.

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Unlike static 3-D plotting and rendering packages, GRAMS/3D Software is a true real-time visualization application that offers scientists an interactive tool for viewing all the information in a multifile, such as GC-IR, LC-PDA, spectroscopy, 2D-NMR, 2D-IR or spectroscopic mapping experiments.

This software delivers performance previously achievable only on expensive workstations. Designed specifically to handle large multidimensional data sets containing millions of data points, unique data extraction and rendering algorithms make it practical to view and analyze these data sets as a whole, rather than in pieces.

The application uses an interactive "camera" approach to look at data surfaces from multiple angles and perspectives. Using simple, intuitive navigation, users have full control over the camera angle, position, zooming, movement sensitivity, lighting effects and perspective distance, all of which can be changed in real time while viewing the data.

True 3-D Rendering and Real-Time Data Rotation
  • Uses a fast, intelligent 3-D graphics engine to provide a full range of interactive 3-D movements and perspectives
  • Facilitates the viewing of large three-dimensional data sets from any angle in real-time with full control over "camera" angle and position, movement sensitivity and perspective distance
  • Updates the display many times per second, even while zooming and rotating the data
  • Includes a gallery of predesigned popular views for quick selection of the best way to display data; views can be saved to the gallery for use with other data files
Compare Multiple Data Sets
  • Examines data from a variety of instrumentation including GC-IR, HPLC-DAS, multidimensional spectroscopy, 2D-NMR, 2D-IR or spectroscopic mapping experiments
  • Displays multiple data sets simultaneously in stacked or overlaid modes for easy comparison of multifile experiments, such as spectral kinetics, to quickly discern differences or similarities
  • Accepts nearly any data file, using Thermo Scientific™ SmartConvert™ technology; can also receive data directly from the GRAMS/AI application
See the Hidden Information in Any Data Set
  • A variety of easy-to-use tools and options uncovers subtle-but-important information hidden in multidimensional data
  • Users can enhance data features with banded and gradient color fills, shading and lighting effects to provide the best definition of data and to expose hidden valleys and peaks
  • Powerful zoom capabilities help clarify even the smallest features
  • Data displays in one of several graphical formats, such as wire frame, shaded solid, gradient solid or contour plots; views can also include extracted two-dimensional "slices"