Thermo Scientific™

Spectral ID Server for Enterprise Library Sharing

Extend the capabilities of Spectral ID to allow valuable commercial and user-defined spectral libraries to be searched and shared across the enterprise with Thermo Scientific™ Spectral ID Server for Enterprise Library Sharing.

Together with Spectral ID, the software enables colleagues throughout the extended organization to easily create, share and maintain centralized library collections. It supports all commonly used optical data types, including IR, Raman, Mass Spec, UV-VIS, Fluorescence, and NIR.

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In combination with Spectral ID, the Spectral ID Server can deliver highly accurate full spectrum searches at speeds up to 20,000 compounds per second—and even faster text and peak searches. It is fully compatible with most commercially available libraries, including those from Sigma-Aldrich, Chemical Concepts, Thermo Nicolet, NIST, Wiley, and other vendors.

True Client-Server Architecture
  • Installed on a Windows™ server, the network server does all the spectral searching; the client PC simply submits the unknowns and receives the results
  • Minimizes network traffic across the network connection, allowing searches to be completed quickly and efficiently
Efficient Data Sharing and Management
  • Provides all networked users with complete access to the library collections from their own desktops, eliminating the need for each user to maintain a separate spectral library
  • Eliminates software compatibility issues
  • Saves time and ensures that all users are working with the most current versions of the data; tracking, updating and configuration are all managed at one time from a single location
  • Includes comprehensive security features; rights and restrictions can be granted for creating, editing, and searching all server-based libraries