Thermo Scientific™

IQ Predict Module for GRAMS/AI Spectroscopy Software

Apply Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS IQ™ calibrations to spectral data of unknown samples using the Thermo Scientific™ IQ Predict module. The IQ Predict module can apply GRAMS IQ calibrations to spectral data from within Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS/AI™ Spectroscopy software, or as a separate stand-alone application. IQ Predict is an add-on module for Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS™ Suite Spectroscopy Software, which visualizes, processes, and manages spectroscopy data. IQ Predict is one of many complementary, fully integrated applications that you can use with GRAMS Suite to customize the software to your needs and increase productivity in your area of spectroscopic analysis.

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Prediction of Unknown Samples
  • Load one or more spectra and predict them against any GRAMS IQ calibration model
  • Runs independently of GRAMS/AI and GRAMS IQ
Efficient and Optimal Analysis of Each Sample
  • Utilize multiple calibrations in a single file to create a complete collection of all analyses to be performed on each sample spectrum
  • Compare performance of different calibrations using qualitative selection criteria to choose the optimal calibration for the sample being analyzed
Easily Deploy Calibrations
  • Deploy calibrations to multiple systems where the operators are not chemometrics experts and do not need the power of the full GRAMS IQ package
  • Automatically detect and interface with any My Instrument module installed on the same PC, allowing users to directly apply calibrations and get results immediately as spectra are collected for new samples
  • GRAMS IQ calibration files are compatible with a number of commercial spectrometer applications
Flexible Operating Modes
  • Auto-predict mode provides a simplified interface ideal for routine analyses, repetitive measurements, quality control, and fieldwork
  • Fully interactive mode provides a full-featured user interface with complete manual control for loading, collecting, and predicting spectra
  • Automation interface supports use in custom programs to run with no user interaction


Manuals & protocols