Thermo Scientific™

Data Manager™ Software

Catalog number: INF-42001-DATA-MGR
Thermo Scientific™

Data Manager™ Software

Catalog number: INF-42001-DATA-MGR

One of your company's most valuable assets is its knowledge base, but when much of that knowledge is produced by disconnected instruments across many labs in multiple formats, the data is difficult to search, share and access. Without access, you risk duplicated efforts or valuable time lost in translation.

Thermo Scientific™ Data Manager™ Software lets you securely share, compare, search, query and reuse raw instrument and document data across your organization. It eliminates manual or paper-based data handling, lowers costs and enhances collaboration and decision making.

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Data Manager Software
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TypeData Manager Software
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Data Manager Software offers:
  • Long-term data preservation
  • Authorized users to retrieve and display specific data files in a common format
  • Integration of instruments across the lab
  • Centralized data capture, viewing and archiving
  • Collaboration without the need to restore the data to the original instrument workstation
  • Archival of original raw data files from the instrument along with a normalized representation in XML
  • Viewing of the normalized version of the data from any computer or browser
Designed for Regulatory Compliance

Built-in functionality enables compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Automated Laboratory Practice (GALP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) under the auspices of all major regulatory authorities, including FDA, EPA and OECD. This includes extensive functionality that allows Data Manager Software to be used as a critical component in laboratory solutions that need to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Enhances compliance through:
  • Comprehensive audit trailing
  • Workstation security
  • Operator/role/group security configurations
  • Passwords and login security
  • Electronic signature functionality for signing/approving archived data
How Data Manager Software Works
  • In addition to archived records of the raw data files, a unique library of more than 150 powerful file converters automatically generates vendor-neutral XML versions of the data using public domain XML schema known as Generalized Analytical Markup Language (GAML).
  • Metadata information (i.e., date/time created, owner, application type, sample name, component names, batch, LIMS ID, etc.) is also extracted from the data.
  • Data files are moved to the server, where the appropriate translator creates an XML copy, which is then stored in the Oracle database or in a secure, disk-based file store.
  • The archived ZIP files are completely self-describing records of everything known about the data—including raw data, processed data, metadata, names, dates, file paths and any associated files.

Data Manager Software understands the relationships within each of the supported instrument software formats and can easily be configured for new or additional file types, allowing easy migration of archive files from one media to another—an essential part of any archiving system where data is likely to be kept for many decades.

As part of a paperless lab environment, Data Manager Software reduces paperwork, manual review time and data transcription, which improves efficiency, productivity, consistency and quality while reducing costs dramatically.