Thermo Scientific™

InSight Monitoring Kit (CO2)

Thermo Scientific™ InSight is a wireless monitoring and Asset management solution that measures critical realiability parameters and uses advanced analytics to provide pedictive indicators of possible system failures. InSight consists of wireless modules (motes), sensors and software tools that allow you to monitor and manage your laboratory equipment. Alarms are issued automatically to users’ email and mobile devices when setpoint breaches are detected in the system.
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InSight Analytics:
InSight Analytics, powered by KLATU™, is a system designed to collect, analyze and make efficiency and operating cost recommendations from multiple asset inputs and events such as:
  • Equipment critical parameters
  • Electrical use and energy consumption
  • Asset utilization
  • Environmental conditions
InSight Analytics monitors your laboratory equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week and alerts you when the thresholds are exceeded. The data from InSight Analytics is run through a number of algorithms utilizing the InSight software. With InSight Analytics, you can determine and compare the assets’ performance against industry performance standards.
How InSight Analytics works:
  • Data is sent wirelessly from the InSight mote via your Wi-Fi network to the InSight web platform fpr storage.
  • Once in the Cloud, the data is analyzed by the system, providing real-time comparison of the laboratory equipment’s health to industry averages.
  • This data analysis enables you to make knowledge-based asset decisions based on key performance indicators such as product service and support, service vs. buy decisions and remote system health monitoring and trouble-shooting for service providers.