Thermo Scientific™

UltiMate™ 3000 Open Sampler XRS System

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Industrial Chromatography

Maximize the productivity of your LC/MS workflows. The Thermo Scientific™ UltiMate™ 3000 Open Sampler XRS system is designed for exceptionally high throughput and ultra-high resolution chromatography. As a front end for LC/MS setups, it provides flexibility, excellent peak sharpness and a very large sample capacity. Featuring a high-end quaternary UHPLC solvent delivery module, it delivers faster gradient responses than many binary systems and supports very long, sub-2µm particle size columns for ultra-high resolution experiments in complex or poorly characterized samples.

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Recommended Use:
  • For laboratories supporting life science, drug discovery and development research or high-throughput screening and clinical testing.
  • In combination with Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers, the Open Sampler XRS system shows exceptional capabilities for LC/MS workflows employing 1 to 4.6mm internal column diameters.
  • It is ideal for comparative studies such as in metabolomics, authenticity or toxicity screening; discovery of new therapeutically active substances; forensics; in-depth nutritional studies; and food safety investigations.
  • You can achieve lower detection limits, monitor the UV signal of samples without noticeable resolution loss and produce more high-quality, information-rich data in less time.
Ensuring Excellent Chromatography:
  • Up to 2mL/min. flow rate supports up to 125 MPa (18250 psi/1250 bar) backpressure for fast and highly resolving column technologies.
  • A quaternary gradient UHPLC pump offers gradient delay volumes as little as 200µL for fast gradient response.
  • Spacious and shared column compartment keeps columns and samples at constant temperature (5° to 110 °C) for improved retention time precision.
  • Advanced flow technology offers precise and accurate flow rates for stable retention times, robust peak integration and confident identification.
  • The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Viper™ Fingertight fitting system offers near-zero dead volume for optimal peak shapes even over extended periods.
  • Ultra-low carryover, large sample capacity (pull loop, up to 12 well plates) Open Sampler maximizes throughput with unattended operation.
  • Adjustable gradient delay volumes using Thermo Scientific™ SpinFlow™ technology optimizes mixing efficiency.
Chromeleon CDS Software Makes Operation Easy:
  • Integrated service and validation monitoring with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ CDS software, versions 6.x and 7.x
  • Automated system startup, standby and shutdown with Chromeleon CDS software, versions 6.x and 7.x
  • Compatible with Chromeleon 7.x eWorkflow walk-up solution and advanced reporting features
Choose the Right Configuration for You:
  • Four-solvent channel, quaternary pump with built-in degasser for versatile gradient methods (LPG-3400XRS)
  • Thermostatted or nonthermostatted Open Autosamplers (OAS-3300TXRS, OAS-3600TXRS)
  • Thermostatted column compartment with up to two field-upgradable column switching valves (TCC-3000RS)
  • Diode array, multiple wavelength, variable wavelength, fluorescence, charged aerosol, refractive index or mass spectrometry detectors [all linked, RS types if applicable]
  • New, near-zero peak dispersion UV monitor flow cell (45nL cell volume, for VWD-3x00 series)
  • Chromeleon 7.2 software packages (standalone, networked, remote data processing and/or control)