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Combustion Ion Chromatography System

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Industrial Chromatography

Reduce the time and labor for determination of corrosive halogens and sulfur in difficult samples by using the Thermo Scientific™ Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) system. This combustion IC system eliminates complex sample preparation steps using an automated method that is highly sensitive, easy-to-use, saves time, and produces fewer environmental contaminants than other sample preparation procedures. Use the CIC system for applications such as the analysis of corrosive halogen, sulfur determination, and halide speciation.

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Obtain total sulfur and total halides independent of sample matrix

Petrochemicals, gaseous samples, solid samples, and complex chemicals are very difficult to analyze with conventional ion chromatography (IC) because sample preparation is required to extract analytes or remove interfering matrices. Automated combustion IC reduces the time and labor for determination of corrosive halogens and sulfur in difficult samples by eliminating complex sample preparation steps.

Fully automated

Samples are pyrolyzed in an oxidizing atmosphere, the resultant vapors are absorbed in an aqueous solution, then introduced directly into an IC system for analysis.

  • Save time and labor
  • Increase reproducibility
Low level determinations

Precise process control achieves sub-mg/L values

Obtain halide speciation

Chromatographic separation of fluoride, chloride, bromide, and iodide

Eliminate hazardous chemical disposal

Pyrohydrolysis eliminates the need to dispose of hazardous chemicals used in acid digestions or back extraction

Major Applications
  • S, Cl, F, and Br in plastics
  • Cl, F, Br in pharmaceutical raw materials and finished ingredients
  • Cl in epoxy resins
  • Cl, F, and S in liquid petroleum gas
  • Br in disposable (one-time use) polymers
  • Cl in lubricating oil
  • F, Br, and I in soil samples
  • F in ores
  • Cl and F in aluminum powder
  • Cl and S in coal