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TGA-IR Module for Nicolet™ FTIR Spectrometers

TGA-IR Module for Nicolet™ FTIR Spectrometers
Obtain more information from your material analysis with the highly sensitive Thermo Scientific™ TGA-IR Module. The TGA-IR Module fits Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ FTIR spectrometers to combine thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) with the identification power of an FTIR spectrometer. TGA measures the change in sample weight as a function of temperature or time in a controlled atmosphere, which is usually accompanied by an evolution of gases caused by sample decomposition or volatilization. Identifying the evolved gas components helps determine sample characteristics that can’t be verified using TGA alone.
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Procedures like failure analysis, process validation and competitive investigations often require that a sample be deformulated to identify components and to understand processing differences. The combination of the high-performance TGA-IR Module and Thermo™ Scientific™ OMNIC™ Mercury TGA real-time series data collect software provides outstanding routine and research-level gas analysis. With the use of the OMNIC Mercury TGA algorithm, you can greatly accelerate and simplify the analysis of your TGA-IR data.

Optics and Hardware 


The compact, flexible design fits into the sample compartment of a Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ 380, Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ 6700/8700, Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™10 or Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™50 FT-IR Spectrometer or the Auxiliary Experiment Module (AEM). The module is pre-aligned on a sample compartment base-plate for easy installation. 


The 10 cm pathlength nickel-plated aluminum flow cell is designed for optimal flow characteristics and high optical throughput. The total cell volume is 22 mL consistent with typical TGA purge flows of 35 to 100 mL/min. A choice of KBr or ZnSe windows is available. The highest optical throughput and spectral range is achieved with KBr windows. 

Temperature Control 

Integrated digital temperature controllers provide individual control of flow cell and transfer line temperatures; selectable from ambient to 300 °C. 

Transfer Line 

A glass-lined stainless steel transfer line connects directly to the TGA furnace tube, providing a totally inert passage of evolved gases into the gas cell. The transfer line design eliminates cold spots that can cause samples to condense in the transfer line. The transfer line is available in a standard 5' (152 cm) or an optional 8' (244 cm) length. Tubing is 1/8" O.D. with standard compression fittings. 


A DTGS detector is recommended for typical TGA-IR experiments, and provides excellent sensitivity, a spectral range of 7800–350 cm-1 and the best linearity for quantitative analysis; an optional MCT detector is available for high-speed evolved gas analysis. 

Physical Characteristics 

Power Requirements 

120 V, 3 A, 60 Hz; or 240 V, 1.5 A, 50 Hz (TGA-IR module and transfer line only) 

TGA-IR Module Dimensions 

10.0" W × 15.4" D × 9.3" H (255 mm × 391 mm × 237 mm) 


6.0 kg (13.3 lb) – module 1.8 kg (4 lb) – 5 ft line 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) – 8 ft line 

TGA Compatibility 

The TGA-IR module is compatible with most TGA instruments that are equipped with an Evolved Gas Option. Please contact your Thermo Scientific sales representative to check compatibility.