Thermo Scientific™

MultiPro Autosampler for Antaris™ II for Antaris NIR

Thermo Scientific™ MultiPro Autosampler for Antaris II improves quality control efficiency by automating the analysis of tablets, softgels, solids, and powders in vials utilizing both diffuse reflectance and transmission techniques. The MultiPro Autosampler combines the capabilities of the Antaris Integrating Sphere for diffuse reflectance analysis and the Antaris Tablet Analyzer for transmission analysis of tablets and solids. The MultiPro Autosampler provides efficient, computer-controlled, nondestructive quality-control analysis.
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  • Highly reproducible sample positioning
  • User control of sample positioning using RESULT™ software
  • Reduces testing labor and time
  • Analysis of multiple dosage forms on a single instrument and autosampler
  • True simultaneous diffuse reflectance and transmission analysis
  • Two user-interchangeable detector options optimized for transmission analysis of opaque tablets or softgels
  • Interchangeable carousels for continuous operation
  • Custom carousels built to your tablets exact specifications
  • Automatic error detection
  • Requires no additional space, power or external cables
The dual analysis capability of the MultiPro Autosampler provides information regarding:
  • Product identity
  • Content uniformity
  • Potency (API)
  • Tablet coating properties
  • Moisture content of lyophilized materials in closed vials
  • Excipients

Recommended for:

  • Opaque tablets and caplets
  • Softgel tablets and capsules
  • Powders in vials