Thermo Scientific™

Antaris™ IGS Gas Analyzer

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Simultaneously analyze more than 100 gas species using the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ IGS Gas Analyzer. Developed with input from industry market leaders to solve specific gas analysis needs, this multi-component gas analyzer provides research-grade performance, speed and sensitivity in a package designed specifically for use in plant and process environments.

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The Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer Features:

  • High performance in calibration and stability, as well as high-speed data acquisition
  • Industrial rack-mount and table-top configurations
  • Flexible gas cell configurations
  • Detector options
  • Factory-supplied calibrations and on-site calibration and training services

Thermo Scientific™ RESULT™ Software in the Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer provides easy-to-use tools for routine analysis, method development, method transfer, operation setup and data analysis.

Recommended for:

  • Bulk gas purity analysis
  • Specialty gas analysis
  • Combustion emissions monitoring
  • Air bag effluent analysis
  • Aviators breathing oxygen and compressed breathing air

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