Thermo Scientific™

TQ Analyst™ Pro Edition Software

Unlock the full potential of near-infrared (NIR) using the intuitive approach to sample identification, verification, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Thermo Scientific™ TQ Analyst™ Professional Edition Software.

Designed for spectroscopists of all experience levels, the TQ Analyst Pro Software is a comprehensive method development platform with all the performance and flexibility to develop robust methods. It offers a complete set of tools for spectral measurement, classification and quantitative analysis.

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The TQ Analyst Pro Software is a powerful tool for manufacturing, research, education and corporate environments and is used as a complement to Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ FT-IR Software, Thermo Scientific™ RESULT™ Software, or as a stand-alone package. Built-in file converters allow many data types to be analyzed.

TQ Analyst Pro Edition Software Features:

  • Spectral preprocessing and selection
  • Pathlength treatments
  • Complete diagnostics
  • Data handling
  • Complete qualitative and quantitative tools
  • Algorithmic correction and method transferability

Advanced Features
You can develop high performance methods without having previous experience using smart tutorials with artificial intelligence, “software wizards.” These software wizards guide users through the method development process by asking basic questions, analyzing spectra, determining method feasibility and suggesting improvements. Although TQ Analyst Pro provides wizards to simplify the development process, experienced chemometricans can bypass these wizards and move directly into method development.

Techniques include:

  • Search standards
  • Distance match
  • Similarity match
  • QC Compare
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Simple Beer's Law
  • Stepwise multiple linear regression (SMLR)
  • Classical least squares (CLS)
  • Partial least squares (PLS)
  • Principal component regression (PCR)