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picoSpin™ Accessories
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Enhance your nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy analysis with a complete set of accessories designed to help you get the most from your Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ NMR Spectrometer. Whether in the classroom or in a chemical manufacturing QA/QC lab, valuable picoSpin accessories will help you achieve the progress that only personal NMR can offer for your research, teaching or process applications. 

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Choose from these picoSpin accessories:

Benchtop NMR Reaction Monitoring Accessory

Adding a reaction monitoring accessory to the Thermo Scientific™  picoSpin™ 45 or the picoSpin 80 NMR spectrometer gives organic chemistry students valuable hands-on experience of chemical reaction mechanisms, kinetics,  thermodynamics, and other physical organic properties to complement the core of your undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

The new reaction monitoring accessory for high-resolution benchtop picoSpin spectrometers uses a pump and computer-actuated valve operator to quickly and automatically direct samples from a chemical reaction to the spectrometer for data acquisition. The instrument generates real-time, information-rich images about the state of the chemical reaction as each NMR spectrum is automatically processed and analyzed. 

The picoSpin NMR spectrometer’s fluid capillary system is perfectly suited to an online flow configuration; eliminates the need for fragile NMR tubes and messy preparation when the time comes for the next timed sampling of the reaction mixture.


Reaction Monitoring lesson plan for teaching

Low-maintenance NMR accessory

Real time operation

Enhance chemistry curriculums

Provide a richer experience in spectroscopy

Integrated into an installed picoSpin instrument

Included as part of a new instrument purchase


Thermo Scientific picoSpin NMR Classroom Kit for 1/16-inch Fittings

Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin NMR Classroom Kit for 1/32-inch Fittings

Each kit provides sample injection accessories for use with the picoSpin NMR spectrometer. The kits include polypropylene syringes, syringe filters, inlet and outlet port plugs, inline filters, and drain tubes. Also included are easy to use instructions describing sample injection into the picoSpin NMR spectrometer using accessories in this kit.

Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ NMR Laboratory Kit for 1/16-inch Fittings

Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ NMR Laboratory Kit for 1/32-inch Fittings

Each kit provides sample injection accessories for use with the picoSpin NMR spectrometer. The kits include a 100 µL Hamilton Gastight™ syringe, a 22 gauge blunt-tip needle with inlet port adapter (for 1/16-inch fittings),  a 26s gauge blunt-tip needle with inlet port adapter (for 1/32-inch fittings), inline filter, drain tube assembly, and a pair of inlet and outlet port plugs. Instructions describing sample injection into the picoSpin NMR spectrometer using accessories are included.

Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ Inline Filter Kit

This kit provides inlet filters for use with the picoSpin NMR spectrometer. The kit includes a 5 replacement, 2 µm stainless steel mesh inlet filters for 1/16-inch fittings.

Mnova™ NMR 

The Mnova NMR plugin is ideal both for the non-expert NMR user looking for an easy to learn software which delivers quick, high quality results, and for the expert user looking for extensive advanced functionality.

Mnova NMRPredict Desktop

NMRPredict Desktop allows Prediction of 1D (1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, 31P, 17O, 29Si) and HSQC from molecular structure (mol file, ChemDraw, IsisDraw, ChemSketch) within Mnova. Easily combine and compare experimental and predicted data as part of your workflow and leverage your company’s unique knowledge.

Travel Case for the Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ 80 NMR

Make the most of system portability with a handy travel case.

Replacement Capillary Cartridge

The replacement Capillary Cartridge includes the fluid sub-panel assembly, the sample capillary, the NMR RF coil and the NMR shim coils. Replacement of the Capillary Cartridge is necessary when the 300 µm ID sample delivery tubing becomes clogged or contaminated.  To minimize downtime it is advisable to keep a spare cartridge in stock.  The picoSpin Capillary Cartridge comes complete with the tools needed for installation and removal. Capillary cartridges come standard with 1/16-inch fittings. Cartridges with 1/32-inch fittings are available by special order.

Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ Cartridge Maintenance Kit for 1/32-inch Fittings

This kit provides accessory items needed to perform maintenance on the capillary inlet filter of the picoSpin NMR spectrometer.  The kit includes 1/4” and 3/16” inch open-end box wrenches, 10 replacement 2 µm frit filters, and 2 short pieces of wire to help with the removal of frit.  Instructions are included describing how to ‘back-flush’ clean the existing frit filter and how to replace a frit filter.

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