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DFS™ Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS System

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Meet your current and future needs for worldwide compliance in Dioxins and POPs analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS, which delivers ultimate confidence and robustness. Software features support fully compliant, routine quantification of POPs, with the automation required to meet your lab needs. Add even more productivity to your lab with the dedicated DualData XL Module, designed for almost double sample throughput.

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DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS System

  • Based on magnetic sector technology, the DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS performs dioxin and POPs routine analysis, delivering ultimate confidence, no matter the sample type or matrix.
  • Offers worldwide full compliance with any official dioxin, PCB, or PBDE method (e.g., EPA 1613, 1668, 1614).

Thermo Scientific DFS Software Package

  • Includes automated features supporting fully compliant routine quantifications of POPs, with the automation required to meet your lab needs. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Thermo Scientific™ DFS™ Software Package ensures full data confidence while delivering maximum flexibility, even in regulated labs.
  • Thermo Scientific™ DFS SmartTune™ Operating Software streamlines everyday tasks, from instrument optimization and troubleshooting to routine method development.
  • Thermo Scientific™ DFS TargetQuan™ Data Evaluation Software facilitates the quantification of dioxins and other POPs in accordance with isotope dilution requirements.

DualData XL Module for More Productivity

  • Dedicated configuration and module for high-performance labs.
  • Almost doubled throughput for dioxin and POPs analysis, with no additional lab space required.