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Exactive™ Plus EMR Orbitrap™ LC-MS System

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While analysis of denatured proteins may be the most common LC/MS protein analysis, many biopharmaceutical and biological research applications require analysis of proteins in their native (intact) state. The Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ Plus EMR mass spectrometer combines unsurpassed high-resolution accurate-mass Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ analysis with an extended mass range (EMR) option to create an outstanding tool for investigating the structure, topology, and architecture of native-like tertiary and quaternary protein structures.

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Confidently Identify, Characterize, and Quantify Intact Proteins

  • Extended m/z 350–20,000 mass range enables analysis of larger proteins, antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, glycoforms, and protein assemblies
  • Improved transmission of higher-mass ions provides stronger signals
  • Resolving power up to 140,000 FWHM enables separation of isoforms and determination of glycosylation states
  • Excellent mass accuracy ensures confident identification
  • Access to short transients improves signal-to-noise ratios
  • Compatibility with Thermo Scientific Protein Deconvolution software designed specifically for identification and characterization of intact proteins


  • Modified HCD cell controls make it easier to optimize experimental conditions
  • Intuitive operating software reduces learning curves

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Improved analysis of protein-ligand interactions

Discover how the extended mass range and high-resolution, accurate-mass capabilities of the Exactive Plus EMR hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer improve analysis of native (intact) proteins, facilitating analysis of protein-ligand interactions and similar applications.

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