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Q Exactive™ Focus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer

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Industrial & Applied Science

The sensitivity, selectivity, flexibility, and ease-of-use provided by hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometers set the standard for screening, quantitation, identification, and confirmation of targeted and untargeted compounds. The Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Focus hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap MS makes this power accessible to environmental, food safety, clinical research, forensic toxicology, and pharmaceutical labs challenged by growing sample volumes and constrained by strict budgets. The Q Exactive Focus system simplifies method development, saving time and decreasing costs while reliably delivering unsurpassed results.
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Precision hardware

Thermo Scientific Ion Max API Source
  • H-ESI II probe with dual desolvation zone technology
  • Sweep gas to reduce chemical noise
  • 60° interchangeable ion probe orientation
  • Removable metal ion transfer capillary provides vent-free maintenance Vacuum System
  • Differentially pumped vacuum system with final vacuum <1 x 10⁻⁹
  • Two split-flow turbomolecular pumps and one rotary vane pump
  • Seven vacuum regions
Quadrupole Mass Filter
  • Thermo Scientific™ HyperQuad™ mass filter provides increased ion transmission
  • Variable precursor ion isolation width selection from 0.4 Da to full mass range
Ion Optics
  • RF lens stacked-ring radio frequency ion guide captures and efficiently focuses the ions into a tight beam. Large variable spacing between electrodes allows for better pumping efficiency and improved ruggedness.
  • Bent flatapole ion guide reduces noise by preventing neutrals and high-velocity clusters from entering the quadrupole
Orbitrap Mass Analyzer
  • Nitrogen-filled C-Trap
  • Highly efficient ion transfer to Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ mass analyzer
  • Straight multipole collision cell for HCD
  • Orbitrap mass analyzer with 5 kV central electrode voltage
  • Low-noise image current preamplifier
  • 16-bit signal digitalization
Data Acquisition
  • Ultrafast real-time data acquisition and instrument control system
  • Fully automated calibration via instrument control software
  • Automatic Gain Control
Superior performance

The Q Exactive Focus mass spectrometer combines quadrupole precursor selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass detection to produce sensitivity that rivals triple quadrupole mass spectrometers and resolution that surpasses Q-TOF instruments.

  • Exceptional sensitivity thanks to superior selectivity that eliminates interferences allowing lower limits of detection and quantitation
  • Fast polarity switching so more classes of compounds can be processed in a single analysis
  • High scan speeds for compatibility with fast chromatography and high-throughput screening
  • Resolution superior to Q-TOF instruments for more confident identification and confirmation
  • Exceptionally wide linear dynamic range
Exceptional flexibility

The unique hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap configuration provides exceptional flexibility, allowing Q Exactive Focus instruments to perform both targeted and untargeted screening with confident identification and confirmation. Q Exactive Focus instruments can take advantage of high-resolution, accurate-mass in a number of quantification approaches, including:

  • Full-scan – data-dependent MS/MS (FS-ddMS2) acquisition for ultimate scan speed and quantitative performance
  • *Variable data-independent acquisition (vDIA) for qualitative coverage for screening unknowns without compromising quantitative performance
  • Selected-ion monitoring (SIM) for simple setup and highest sensitivity
  • Parallel-reaction monitoring (PRM) for high selectivity and high throughput with confident confirmation
Powerful software

Application-specific software is available to make full use of the power of the Q Exactive Focus instrument. The system’s unique data acquisition function enables ultrafast real-time data acquisition and instrument control, fully automated calibration via instrument control software, and automatic gain control.

For component identification during targeted and untargeted analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software includes libraries of high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) spectra. Compounds commonly targeted in food and environmental analyses, and in clinical research and forensic/toxicological studies, are represented by several thousand HRAM spectra. Combined with TraceFinder data analysis software, the Q Exactive Focus offers a powerful, yet simple-to-use solution for food safety, environmental, clinical research, forensic, and toxicological screening.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
*vDIA method is not available in the United States