Thermo Scientific™

Heated Electrospray Ionization (HESI-II) Probe

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Enhance LC-MS assay sensitivity up to eight times by installing Thermo Scientific™ HESI-II probe in a standard Thermo Scientific™ Ion Max ion source. The HESI-II probe delivers better desolvation and improved nozzle performance for enhanced sensitivity for the most demanding applications. The HESI-II probe is already standard on many Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers.
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  • Efficiently handles flow rates higher than 1 mL/min while maintaining superior flow rate characteristics with optimal use of gas-assisted thermal desolvation
  • Cleaner nozzle profile improves electrostatic fields; a single probe position works for most flow rates
  • Improved heater design gives better desolvation at higher flow rates
  • Contoured tip gives stable low-flow performance
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