SIEVE™ Software for Differential Analysis

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As sample volumes and complexity increase, it is often highly advantageous to focus resources on only those components that demonstrate some sort of statistical significance. Thermo Scientific™ SIEVE software enables label-free, semi-quantitative differential analysis of highly complex GC-MS and LC-MS data sets. Whether analytes are large molecules or small, whether comparing two samples or hundreds, SIEVE software confidently and reproducibly identifies those components with statistically significant intersample differences in abundance.

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Speeds Differential Analysis of Large or Small Data Sets

  • Uses the MS intensities from raw data to find statistical differences, eliminating the need to manipulate or model peaks
  • Compares hundreds of experiments at a time, or performs a simple comparison of two sample files
  • Performs trend analyses to detect changes associated with dosage effects or time points, enabling comparison of multiple classes of samples
  • Reduces the effect of chromatographic variability between samples using a novel ChromAlign algorithm
  • Determines a p-value for the expression ratio of each putative biomarker, providing an extra measure of confidence
  • Incorporates individual search algorithms for large-molecule and small-molecule data
  • Accommodates high- and low-resolution data obtained from a wide-range of Thermo Scientific instrument systems including both LC-MS and GC-MS data
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