Thermo Scientific™

ARL™ SMS-2000 Automation for XRF

High quality, reproducible and reliable sample preparation is an essential component of elemental analysis in the metals, mining, and cement industries. Reduce reliance on faulty manual processes with the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ SMS-2000 for XRF. The SMS 2000 system provides unattended automatic sample preparation and analysis by x-ray fluorescence for oxides associated with metal production (mineral ore, sinters, baths, slags and blast furnace slags), minerals and cement, and automates the preparation of metallic samples to provide the surface quality required for reliable XRF analysis.
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With real time access to accurate data, the ARL SMS 2000 for XRF integrates sample preparation and analysis into a fully automated robotics cell to minimize response time, reduce manual errors, reduce chemical analysis variation, eliminates measurement delays, and save on personnel time and costs.

Each component of the system (spectrometer – SMS system – preparation machine) has its own intelligence and works simultaneously and independently of the others. This distributed processing concept maximizes the system efficiency because tasks are performed in parallel rather than sequentially.

  • Results are available quickly and large numbers of samples can be processed.
  • Qualified lab personnel can be released from routine duties.
  • Automated sample preparation and analysis including registration.
  • Automatic result distribution.
  • Instrument control using check samples and standardization.
  • For operation on the production shop floor, the system can also be delivered as a turnkey package with sample preparation in the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ XRF QuantoShelter.