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ARL™ X'TRA Powder Diffractometer

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Get better sample data with a flexible solution for high resolution powder X-ray diffraction (XRD). The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ X'TRA Powder Diffractometer provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of structures, phases and compounds of polycrystalline materials in a versatile, multi-purpose package. This advanced system can be customized for phase transitions and structural investigations at low and high temperatures, nonambient atmosphere, on thin films and small samples in the areas of academic research, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, semiconductors, metals and minerals.

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Powder XRD is one of the most established techniques for identifying and characterizing polycrystalline materials with respect to their crystallography, polymorphic structures, phases and crystallinity changes.The ARL X'TRA Powder Diffractometer is designed with a modular approach to provide full flexibility, higher diffraction intensities, and superior resolution for a large range of applications covering both inorganic and organic polycrystalline materials.

Recommended for

  • Identification of single or multiple phases in an unknown sample.

  • Quantification of known phases of a mixture.

  • Crystallography – solving crystal structure.

  • Nonambient analysis – crystal structure changes with temperature, pressure or gas environment.

  • Surface and thin film analysis.

  • Texture and stress analysis.

Main Features

  • Depending on the type of analysis or sample, the system can be easily reconfigured using pre-aligned Plug & Play accessories such as temperature chambers, parallel beam optics and transmission stage.

  • Built around a vertical theta-theta goniometer of 260mm radius
    -Convenient geometry for easy powder sample analysis, sample changer options and use of specialized sample holders;
    -Removable dual Soller slits and continuous variable micrometer-controlled slits for adjusting the width of both the incident and diffracted beams.

Advanced Technology

  • Thermo Scientific™ WinXRD™ Software running under Windows™ 7 as a multitasking 32-bit data collection and analysis package.

  • Peltier-cooled Si(Li) solid-state detector, tuned for high count rate
    -Superior resolution compared to scintillation detector, removes K-Beta and fluorescence radiation thus eliminating the need for filters and monochromators
    -Resulting diffraction peak intensities are substantially higher than for other available configurations.


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