Thermo Scientific™

ARL™ EQUINOX 3000 X-ray Diffractometer

The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 3000 and the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 3500 Diffractometers are easy to use, multi-purpose, entry level X-ray diffractometers well suited for fast measurements due to our unique Curved Position Sensitive (CPS) detector that can measure a wide angular 2Ø range simultaneously. Its specific design makes it especially suitable for in-situ studies.
The ARL EQUINOX 3000 / 3500 Series offer research grade resolution and a comprehensive number of features including detectors, X-ray sources and sample attachment.
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  • Unique ARL EQUINOX curved detector measures all diffraction peaks simultaneously across a wide angular range. Analysis is completed in just a few minutes on most samples regardless of resolution requirements.
  • Same configuration between ARL EQUINOX 3000 and ARL EQUINOX 3500 with a respective real-time detection over 120° 2Ø and 90° 2Ø 
  • Better resolution with ARL EQUINOX 3500 Diffractometer thanks to a bigger radius of CPS detector in comparison of ARL EQUINOX 3000 Diffractometer
  • No scanning required
  • Resolute or fast monochromatic optic
  • Many sample holders are available for: powders transmission and reflection mode, bulks, thin films, automated analysis with a sample changer, as well as in-situ studies
  • Treatment and applications: Phase identification, Quantification, Degree of crystallinity, Cell parameters, Crystallite size, Lattice strain, Crystal structure, Rietveld analysis, Transition phase, Thin film analysis (GIXRD, XRR)
  • Domains of application: Materials Science, Minerals, Geology, Nanomaterials, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Energy materials, Catalysts, Ceramics, Polymers, Metallurgy, Semiconductors, Mining (cement, …), Teaching