Thermo Scientific™

ARL™ EQUINOX 5000 X-ray Diffractometer

Perform phase identification and quantification and structural analysis of polycrystalline materials. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 5000 X-ray Diffractometer is a multi-purpose XRD instrument designed specifically for high level research applications including powder analysis, thin layer analysis, reflectometry, and micro-diffraction. Designed to outperform conventional X-ray diffraction instruments for speed, resolution and safety, the ARL Equinox 5000 instrument can be used for conventional studies or can be completely customized for applications requiring a four circle goniometer.
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  • The ARL EQUINOX 5000 system utilizes a unique tall vertical goniometer in θ/θ or θ/2θ mode.
  • Features include higher resolution detectors and a large choice of X-ray sources. 
  • Large sample compartment accommodates practically any sample and any sample handling device including furnaces, auto samplers, and large assemblies.
  • Software applications: qualitative analysis, phase identification and quantification, degree of crystallinity determination, crystal structure analysis, phase transition on various environment, thin film, uni-axiale stress.
  • Available sample holders include a spinning sample holder for reflection and transmission mode, a capillary sample holder for transmission mode, an automatic 30 position sample changer, and a small thin layer attachment.
  • Applications: Research, Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Polymers, Biomaterials, Electronics, Photovoltaic.