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ARL™ 9900 Simultaneous-Sequential XRF Series

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Spectroscopy Elemental Isotope Analysis
Save money and achieve quality control in your industrial process with full simultaneous and sequential capabilities integrated into one instrument. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ 9900 Simultaneous-Sequential XRF Series can be equipped with the innovative SmartGonio goniometer for simple, cost-effective configurations or the universal goniometer for more advanced, flexible analysis, while up to 24 monochromator fixed channels ensure rapid and simultaneous analysis to meet the demand for high precision in various industries like steel, copper, aluminium, cement and mining.

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The ARL 9900 Series combines fixed channels and one or two goniometers to ensure rapid and simultaneous analysis. Further savings can be made when using the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ SMS-2500 robotic sample preparation and introduction system, which provides ARL 9900 Series users with fast and reliable automation.

Product Features:
  • Full simultaneous and sequential capabilities integrated in one instrument

  • Can be configured with an XRF goniometer and up to 24 fixed channels for ultra-fast analysis

  • Fast, simple and highly reliable sample introduction system

  • Rapid, precise analysis of solid samples

  • Goniometers detects the presence of up to 83 elements, from B to U, 5 to 92 in the periodic table

  • Detects concentrations ranging from parts per million to 100%

  • Advanced integrated software reports results as soon as analysis is performed

  • With IntelliPower, choose the right power according to your application demands: 600W, 1200W, 2500W, 3600W or 4200W

  • Modular construction allowing the instrument to be specified to suit the particular requirements of the application

  • Optional innovative XRD systems can be integrated to allow phase analysis; see Total Cement Analyzer and X-ray Workstation versions

  • Easily upgraded to handle evolving analytical requirements

X-ray System

  • X-ray tube mounted above sample, prevents damage by defective samples, e.g. fragile pellets

  • Thermostatically regulated spectrometer provides high stability of analysis and precise measurements

Fixed Monochromators

  • Compact slit-crystal geometry detects elements at very low concentrations

  • Ensures faster response through simultaneous analysis of specific elements

XRF Goniometers

  • Programmable for quantitative analysis of specific elements or qualitative analysis of elements present in samples

  • High-quality, fast, sequential X-ray spectrometry using Moire fringe technology

  • Full capability for analysis of nonroutine elements

  • SmartGonio covers fluorine to uranium (up to 3 crystals fitted)

  • Universal goniometer covers boron to uranium, depending on crystals configuration (up to 9 crystals can be fitted)


  • Fast and reliable sample introduction system available with variable degrees of automation to free staff for other work.

  • Can be linked to automatic sample preparation machines for fully automatic online process control.


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