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ARL™ 9900 X-Ray WorkStation™

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Metallurgical and mining processes often require a combination of elemental and phase analysis for comprehensive quality control. Hence both XRF and XRD technique using Rietveld refinement are needed for complete analysis of mineral raw materials and products. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ 9900 X-Ray WorkStation™ combes full XRF and XRD capability in one instrument to permit precise chemical and phase analysis of such samples in one fast, streamlined process for efficient process monitoring and control.

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With the ARL 9900 X-Ray WorkStation, elemental/oxide analysis can be accomplished by a series of XRF fixed channels for high throughput or by an XRF goniometer for fast analysis of up to 84 elements and up to six fixed channels. Full pattern quantitative phase analysis can be achieved on the same sample by the integrated XRD goniometer under vacuum using Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS™ Software for fully automated control. The diffraction goniometer provides precise qualitative scans thanks to the high precision of its Moiré fringe positioning mechanisms and quantitative analysis is obtained through Rietveld refinement method.

  • Analysis of any unknown material is accomplished by “standard-less” programs both in XRF and XRD. Chemical data from XRF can be used for processing the XRD data or vice versa.

  • Accurate sample positioning, analysis under vacuum and temperature controlled environment produce excellent stability of analysis.

  • Working under vacuum permits the use of a cobalt anode X-ray tube that significantly reduces fluorescence of iron which is a common limitation with copper anode tubes. Avoiding iron fluorescence minimizes the spectral background and further improves the peak to background ratio.


  • One sample introduction for easy integration into the process control.

  • Single user interface for both techniques.

  • Can be used as XRF only, XRD only, or both without compromise.

  • Elemental and phase results merged into one single analysis bulletin and reported as soon as analysis is performed.

  • Permits rapid and very precise analysis of solid samples.

  • Easier user training and quicker commissioning.

  • Replaces two separate instruments in a minimized floor space.

  • Choose the right power according to your application demands: 2500W without external water chiller or 3600W.

  • Easily upgraded to handle evolving analytical requirements.

X-ray System

  • XRF tube mounted above sample prevents damage by defective samples, e.g. fragile pellets.

  • Thermostatically regulated spectrometer provides high stability of analysis and precise measurements.

Fixed Monochromators

  • Compact slit-crystal geometry detects elements at very low concentrations.

  • Ensures faster response through simultaneous analysis of specific elements.

XRF Goniometers

  • Programmable for quantitative analysis of specific elements or qualitative analysis of elements present in samples.

  • High-quality fast sequential X-ray spectrometry using Moire fringe technology.

  • Full capability for analysis of nonroutine elements.

  • Ensures faster response through simultaneous analysis of specific elements.

XRD Goniometer

  • Bragg-Brentano Theta-theta goniometer for fast XRD scanning of sample.

  • Long fine focus Cobalt anode XRD tube using 2kW generator.


Fast and reliable sample introduction system is available with variable degrees of automation to free staff for other work.

Can be linked to fully automatic sample preparation machines for online process control.


Manuals & protocols