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OXSAS™ Optical Emission Analytical Software

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OXSAS™ Optical Emission Analytical Software

Perform rapid high quality metals analyses with a customizable software solution for optical emission spectrometers. Flexible and powerful Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS™ Optical Emission Analytical Software runs a variety of analyses, including the development of new analytical methods and calibrations as well as rapid high-quality routine elemental analysis. From simple tasks to complex jobs, the OXSAS software platform can perform many operations in a single click and is designed to evolve to meet your needs throughout your instrument's lifetime.
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OXSAS Optical Emission Analytical Software
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TypeOXSAS Optical Emission Analytical Software
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Template-Driven Analysis

  • Simple, comprehensive analysis of unknown samples.
  • Required analytical parameters and results processing details pre-defined in the routine analysis shortcut.
  • One click creation of a batch with all samples requiring analysis.
  • Automatic Method Choice selects the best analytical parameters set without user intervention

Fast Calibration

  • Multiple analyte curve display, instant base curve calculation, templates for editing and measuring of calibration standards.
  • Calibration curve determination using multi-variable regression with additive and multiplicative correction models.

Familiar User Interface

  • Comprehensive post-treatment of results is available, including export and Microsoft™ Excel support.
  • Integrated Microsoft SQL Server Express relational database stores set up and analyses data.
  • Export and import facilities allow calibration standards, methods or grades to be easily transferred from one instrument to another.
  • Full network and serial transmission capabilities.
  • Common software platform with the WDXRF Thermo Scientific series instrument range.
  • Supports the Thermo Scientific SMS system for full automation of the sample analysis.
  • Monitoring and maintenance tools maximize the system uptime.
  • Measurement Uncertainty and Conformance Probability on unknown samples analysis.
  • SCT Manager: The SCT sample status and history give the overview of the analytical capability of the instrument and of each method any time.
  • Comprehensive, on-line contextual Help.
  • Real, on-line integrated SPC.
  • Key to Metals comprehensive steel and nonferrous metals and cross-reference database included.

Supports the Spark option of the Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ Plus, the ARL iSpark™ and of the Thermo Scientific™ ARL 4460™ Optical Emission Spectrometer.

Allows complex calculations such as element soluble/insoluble or elements inclusions (number, size and chemical composition) with no additional analysis time.

Options for OXSAS Software

  • Charge correction feature allows the calculation of the weight of materials to be added to a furnace to bring an out-of-specification charge within limits.
  • SPC-Full: On-line Statistical Process Control, Full Graphical Package Extension.
  • ARLcom: Software package for the transmission of results using network and serial communication via Local Area Network to computer applications and printers using TCP/IP or to files.
  • Remote Sample Definition: Allows samples registration from an external application which can be located anywhere on the network.

Compatible with:

ARL iSpark Plus Optical Emission Spectrometer

ARL iSpark Plus Fire Assay Analyzer

ARL iSpark Optical Emission Spectrometer

ARL 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ Fire Assay Analyzer


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