Invivofectamine™ 3.0 Reagent

Catalog number:  IVF3001

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Invivofectamine® 3.0 Reagent is an animal origin-free lipid nanoparticle designed for high efficiency in vivo delivery of siRNA and miRNA to mouse liver cells following tail vein injection.

Using Invivofectamine® 3.0 Reagent
Invivofectamine® 3.0 Reagent is ideally suited for in vivo delivery of siRNA and miRNA duplexes. Invivofectamine® 3.0/RNA complexes are delivered using a low-volume, low-pressure method with no toxicity and no stress response in the animal. Invivofectamine® 3.0 can also be combined with BLOCK-iT™ fluorescent controls to track the biodistribution of the siRNA or miRNA.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: Hepatocytes
Classification: Animal Origin-Free
Product Line: Invivofectamine®
Product Size: 10 reactions
Sample Type (Specific): Synthetic siRNA
Serum Compatible: Yes
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Species: Small Animal Models
Transfection Technique: Chemical Transfection