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Thermo Scientific Chemicals

RIPA buffer (5X)

Catalog number: J62524.AE
100mL, Each
Thermo Scientific Chemicals

RIPA buffer (5X)

Catalog number: J62524.AE
100mL, Each
Catalog number: J62524.AE
also known as J62524-AE
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Appearance (Color)
Clear colorless
All components are dissolved in UV treated 18.2 megohm-cm ± 1 water, followed by pH adjustment and filtered through 1 micron filter.
7.4 ± 0.15


RIPA buffer is used to lyse cells and tissues. It is used to lyse cultured mammalian cells from both plated cells and cells pelleted from suspension cultures. This buffer enables protein extraction from cytoplasmic, membrane and and is particularly useful for disruption of nuclear membranes in the preparation of nuclear extracts. It is compatible with many applications, including reporter assays, protein assays, immunoassays and protein purification. This product is ideal for general cell-tissue lysis and sub cellular organelle or molecular fractionation, including immunoprecipation.

This Thermo Scientific Chemicals brand product was originally part of the Alfa Aesar product portfolio. Some documentation and label information may refer to the legacy brand. The original Alfa Aesar product / item code or SKU reference has not changed as a part of the brand transition to Thermo Scientific Chemicals.

General Description

• RIPA can be used for isolation of cytoplasmic, membrane, nuclear, and mitochondrial proteins
• Protease inhibitors can be added to RIPA buffer to assist in protein isolation


• RIPA buffer is suitable for use in protein isolation from culture cells or homogenized tissues
• Downstream applications of RIPA buffer include ELISA, western blot, immunoprecipitation, and SDS-PAGE

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