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Thermo Scientific™

GeneJET Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K0821
Thermo Scientific™

GeneJET Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K0821
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Thermo Scientific GeneJET Viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of high quality viral nucleic acids from various human and mammalian liquid samples, and is compatible with common sample preservatives like EDTA, citrate, and heparin.

The kit utilizes a silica-based membrane technology in the form of a convenient spin column. Viral nucleic acids from lysed samples bind to the column membrane while impurities are effectively removed during subsequent washing and centrifugation steps. Ready-to-use nucleic acids are eluted from the column.

The purified viral nucleic acids are free of proteins, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors of downstream applications. Isolated DNA and RNA can be directly used in PCR, qPCR, or other nucleic acid based assays.


• Efficient purification of viral DNA and RNA from human and mammalian plasma, serum, blood, and cell-free samples
• Linear yields from a wide range of viral titers
• Tested with a variety of DNA and RNA viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV, CMV, EBV)
• Downstream compatibility with (RT)-PCR, (RT)-qPCR, and other nucleic acid based assays.


• Downstream use in qualitative and quantitative nucleic acid based assays, e.g. (RT)-PCR, (RT)-qPCRIncludes Column Preparation Liquid Lysis Solution Wash Buffer 1 (concentrated) Wash Buffer 2 (concentrated) Eluent Proteinase K Carrier RNA Spin Columns preassembled with Wash Tubes Wash Tubes (2 mL)
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type
Spin Column
Isolation Technology
Silica Spin Column
Sample Type
Milk, Plasma, Saliva, Serum, Swabs (Nasal, Buccal, or Urogenital), Urine, Whole Blood, Virus
Elution Volume
50 μL
Final Product Type
Viral DNA and RNA
For Use With (Application)
RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA library construction, NGS, microarray analysis, blot hybridization, Northern/Southern blotting, in vitro translation, nuclease protection assays, nucleic acid labeling, hybridization
High-throughput Compatibility
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
50 Preps
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Test Time
30 min.
50 μg (Binding capacity)
Starting Material Amount
200 μL

Contents & Storage

• 2 x 1.4 mL Column Preparation Liquid; room temperature
• 12 mL Lysis Solution; room temperature
• 25 mL Wash Buffer 1 (concentrated); room temperature
• 11 mL Wash Buffer 2 (concentrated); room temperature
• 3 x 1.25 mL Eluent; room temperature
• 50 Spin Columns with Wash Tubes; room temperature
• 4 x 50 Wash Tubes; room temperature
• 2 x 1.3 mL Proteinase K; –20°C
• 1 vial Carrier RNA; –20°C


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