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Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS Cells

Catalog number:  K1444

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The Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS cells contain the human Endothelin Receptor A (EDNRA) linked to a TEV protease site and a Gal4-VP16 transcription factor stably integrated into the Tango™ GPCR-bla U2OS parental cell line. This parental cell line stably expresses a beta-arrestin/TEV protease fusion protein and the beta-lactamase (bla) reporter gene under the control of a UAS response element.

The Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS cell line has been functionally validated for Z'-factor and EC50 concentrations of ET-1. The EDNRA cells have been tested for assay performance under variable assay conditions. These data are available in the Validation & Assay Performance Summary in the Manuals and Brochures section.

Endothelin receptor type A (ENDRA) mediates signaling of endothelin proteins that regulate several critical biological processes, including development and function of blood vessels, production of certain hormones, and stimulation of cell growth and division. Defects in EDNRA-mediated signaling have been implicated in a wide range of diseases, including cancer, hypertension, and cardiovascular disorders.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Accession Number: NM_001957
Assay Entry: Cell-based beta-arrestin recruitment
Cell Line: U2OS
Cell State: Dividing Cells
Cytoplasmic Tail: Tail from AVPR2 GPCR
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Druggable Target: GPCRs
Gene Symbol: EDNRA
Population Status: Pool of Stable Cells
Product Line: Tango™
Reporter Gene: BLA (Beta-Lactamase)
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
System Type: Tango™
Target Entry: EDNRA

Contents & storage

(LiveBLAzer™-FRET B/G Loading Kit, Solution D and other materials are required separately; please refer to the protocol).
o Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS cells
o Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS Assay Protocol
o Certificate of Analysis
Tango™ EDNRA-bla U2OS cells are shipped on dry ice. Transfer to liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt or thaw for immediate use.