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CellSensor™ NFAT-bla RA-1 Cell Line

Catalog number:  K1490

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B cell receptor (BCR)-mediated signaling pathways are important for B cell proliferation and differentiation. Abnormal B cell signaling has been linked to various diseases such as lupus, lymphoma, and various immune disorders. Antigen binding to the BCR promotes the activation of several protein tyrosine kinases (PTK), which leads to phosphorylation of the BCR complex and recruitment and activation of the PTK Syk. This in turn promotes phosphorylation of PLCγ, Shc, and Vav. Additionally, the Tec family member Btk is recruited to the plasma membrane, where it is involved in activation of PLCγ. Initiation of B lymphocyte activation is dependent on the tyrosine phosphorylation-dependent formation of multimolecular effector protein complexes that activate downstream signaling pathways including PKC/Ca2+/NFAT. This cell-based assay has been thoroughly tested and validated by Invitrogen and is suitable for immediate use in screening applications. The following information illustrates the comprehensive assay testing completed and validation of assay performance under optimized conditions (Figure 1).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Entry: Cell-based beta lactamase reporter gene
Cell Line: RA-1
Cell State: Dividing Cells
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Druggable Target: Signaling Pathway
Product Line: CellSensor™
System Type: CellSensor™
Target Entry: SYK, PKC and calcium pathway, BTK

Contents & storage

CellSensor® NFAT-bla RA-1 cells are shipped on dry ice. Store in liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt, or thaw for immediate use.