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PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number: K157001

PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number: K157001
Catalog Number
also known as K1570-01
Unit Size
25 preps
Price (USD)
Catalog NumberUnit SizePrice (USD)AvailabilityQuantity
also known as K1570-01
25 preps
Product Overview
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Additional Information
The Ambion™ PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid column-based method for isolating high-quality total microRNA (miRNA) from a wide variety of sources without the need for hazardous reagents such as phenol. The kit provides a rapid and convenient method for purifying small RNA molecules from animal and plant cells, as well as from bacteria and yeast samples.
• Purify small RNA molecules with a novel enrich/bind/elute procedure
• Prepare enriched microRNA samples typically in less than 15 minutes
• Minimize contaminating large RNA molecules and genomic DNA

Rapid and Convenient Column Purification Procedure for small RNAs
The Ambion™ PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit is specifically designed to purify small RNA molecules, including miRNAs and siRNAs, from a variety of samples typically in less than 15 minutes (see Table 1). The kit utilizes a silica-based two-column system to enrich exclusively for small RNAs (see Figure 1). RNAs greater than approximately 200 nucleotides are bound to the first column. Ethanol is then added to the flow-through in order to increase the binding affinity of small RNAs to the glass fiber membrane in the second column. Once bound to the second column, small RNA molecules are then eluted, ready-for-use, and free of large RNA molecules such as 28S rRNA, 18S rRNA, and mRNA, allowing for focused expression analysis studies of small RNA molecules.

Purified RNA is Suitable for Use with a Variety of Downstream Applications and Products:
The miRNA purified using the Ambion™ PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit is suitable for downstream applications including RNA sequencing, microarray analysis, real-time PCR (qPCR), reverse transcription real-time PCR (RT-qPCR), and northern blotting.

For Research Use Only. Not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Isolation Technology
Silica Spin Column
Purification Time
20 min. (After sample homogenization)
Elution Volume
50–100 μL
Sample Type
Bacteria, Cells, Plant, Tissue, Yeast, Dicing Reaction
Final Product Type
Small RNA
High-throughput Compatibility
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
For Use With (Application)
qRT-PCR, Microarray Analysis, Northern Blotting
25 Preps
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Amount
Bacteria: ≤106 cells
Cells: 106
Plant: varies
Tissue: ≤100 mg
Yeast: 1 mL
Dicing Reaction: 300 μL
Up to 6 μg

Contents & Storage

• 45 mL Binding Buffer L3; store at room temperature
• 10 mL Wsh Buffer W5; room temperature
• 3 mL Buffer W4; room temperature
• 5 mL RNase-free Water; room temperature
• 50 Spin Cartridges with Collection Tubes; room temperature
• 50 Wash Tubes (2 mL); room temperature
• 50 Recovery Tubes (1.7 mL); room temperature


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