GeneBLAzer™ PAC1 CHO-K1 DA Assay Kit

Catalog number:  K1619

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The GeneBLAzer® PAC1-CRE-bla CHO-K1 cells contain the human Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide 1 Receptor 1 (ADCYAP1R⁄PAC1) stably integrated into the CellSensor® CRE-bla CHO-K1 cell line. CellSensor® CRE-bla CHO-K1 cells (Cat #K1129) contain a beta-lactamase (bla) reporter gene under control of the cAMP response element (CRE). The PAC1-CRE-bla CHO-K1 cells are functionally validated for Z'-factor and EC50 concentrations of established ligands. In addition, PAC1-CRE-bla CHO-K1 cells have been tested for assay performance under variable conditions. These data are found in the Validation & Assay Performance Summary. Division Arrested cells are irreversibly division arrested using a low-dose treatment of Mitomycin C, and have no apparent toxicity or change in cellular signal transduction.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Accession Number: NM_001118
Assay Entry: Cell-based beta lactamase reporter gene
Cell Line: CHO-K1
Cell State: Division-Arrested Cells
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Druggable Target: GPCRs
Gene Symbol: ADCYAP1R1
Population Status: Single Cell Clone Origin
Product Line: GeneBLAzer®
Reporter Gene: BLA (Beta-Lactamase)
System Type: GeneBLAzer™
Target Entry: ADCYAP1R1, PAC1

Contents & storage

K1619 GeneBLAzer® PAC1 CHO-K1 DA Assay Kit
Each kit contains sufficient quantities of division arrested (DA) cells and substrate to assay 1 x 384 well plate. (Other materials are required separately; please refer to the protocol).
• GeneBLAzer® PAC1 CHO-K1 DA cells
• LiveBLAzer™-FRET B⁄G Loading Kit, 70µg
• Solution D
• GeneBLAzer® PAC1 CHO-K1 DA Assay Protocol
• LiveBLAzer™-FRET B⁄G Loading Protocol
• Certificate of Analysis

The GeneBLAzer® PAC1 CHO-K1 DA cells are shipped on dry ice and should be stored in liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt.