Tango™ Open Enabling Model

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The Tango™ Assay technology combines the benefits of the Tango™ assay platform with the highly accurate, sensitive, and live cell GeneBLAzer® Beta-lactamase reporter system. The Tango™ assay measures protein-protein interactions in live mammalian cells. One of the proteins of interest is anchored to cell surface either by its own transmembrane domains or through fusion to CD8 using a "bait" vector provided in this kit. The "bait" vector also provides at its intracellular C-terminus, an in-frame fusion to an exogenous transcription factor, GAL4-VP16. Interposed between the protein of interest and the transcription factor is a specific cleavage sequence for a non-native protease. This chimeric receptor protein is expressed in a cell line containing the beta-lactamase reporter gene responsive to the transcription factor. The "prey" vectors allow an interacting protein to be expressed as a protease fusion protein that recognizes and cleaves the site between the anchored membrane protein and transcription factor. The assay is performed by adding a stimulus to the growing cells for a defined period and measuring the activity of the reporter gene. Activation of the reporter gene provides a quantifiable measurement of the degree of interaction between the anchored membrane protein and the protease-tagged interaction partner and is unaffected by other signaling pathways in the cell, providing an exquisitely specific readout of protein-protein interaction.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Type: Protein-Protein Interaction Assay (Live Cell-Based)
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Expression: Mammalian
Product Line: Tango™
Product Size: 1 kit
Reporter: BLA (Beta-Lactamase)
System: GeneBLAzer™, Tango™

Contents & storage

The Tango™ Assay Enabling Model contains all of the vectors needed for you to build your own TangoTM Beta-Lactamase assay, including: Tango™ UAS-bla U2OS cells; Tango™ Beta-arrestin2-UAS-bla U20S cells; Tango™ pcDNA3-Bait n-CD8 M Vector; Tango™ pcDNA3-Bait n-CD8 Y Vector; Tango™ pcDNA5-Prey c-TEV Vector; Tango™ pcDNA5-Prey n-TEV Vector; pLenti-zeo⁄UAS-bla Vector


Manuals & protocols