PureLink™ Genomic Wash Buffer I

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The PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit and PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit enable high-yield, high-purity DNA extractions from a wide variety of sample types, including blood, tissues, cells, bacteria, swabs, and blood spots, in a familiar silica spin-column or semi-skirted 96-well plate format. Using the PureLink® Genomic DNA Kits, you will:
Obtain higher gDNA yields and purity - optimized spin-column membrane and buffer formulations
Save time and money - use with a large range of sample sizes (e.g., 100 µl to 1 ml blood); 96-well version does not require special equipment
Increase flexibility - one kit works with a variety of sample types

How it works
The PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit protocol improves upon the easy, familiar spin-column methods currently in use (Figures 1 and 2). Columns are newly configured to bind and release DNA more efficiently. Samples are lysed in an optimized buffer formulated to enhance proteinase K activity and eliminate protein contamination. The chaotropic salt binding buffer allows the highest DNA binding of any column method. Powerful wash buffers remove all traces of protein and salt. DNA is eluted in a low-salt buffer to allow for pH stabilization of the DNA in storage.

For higher throughput, use the PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit (Figure 3). In this 96-well version, sample processing is performed with either a vacuum manifold or centrifugation at only 2,250 g, allowing you more flexibility in centrifuge choice. The semi-skirted plate design is compatible with most vacuum manifolds on robotic workstations.

Higher yields and purity
With the PureLink® Genomic DNA Kits, youll get greater yields of higher-purity gDNA (determined by A260/A280 measurements) with all of your sample types - from bacteria to tissues to blood to cells (Figures 4-6). The PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit outperforms competitor products in both DNA yield and purity for multiple sample types, including blood (Figure 7). A260/A280 and A260/A230 ratios of PureLink® gDNA are higher than those obtained with other kits, indicating no contamination carryover of protein or guanidine using the enhanced PureLink® Lysis and Wash Buffers (Figure 7).

Contents and Storage:
The PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit includes PureLink® Genomic Spin Columns, Collection Tubes, Digestion Buffer, Lysis/Binding Buffer, Wash Buffers, Elution Buffer, Proteinase K, RNase A, and the manual. The PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit includes PureLink® Genomic Binding Plates, Wash Plates, Deep Well Plates, Foil Tape, Digestion Buffer, Lysis/Binding Buffer, Wash Buffers, Elution Buffer, Proteinase K, RNase A, and the manual. Store at room temperature. Guaranteed stable for one year when properly stored.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Buffer Type: Wash Buffer
Product Line: PureLink™
Product Size: 100 mL
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols