ViraPower™ UbC Lentiviral Gateway™ Expression Kit

Catalog number:  K499000

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Protein Expression

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The ViraPower™ UbC Lentiviral Gateway® Expression Kit includes all the components needed to generate lentivirus, including vector kit, 293FT cell line, and the support kit. This kit combines Invitrogen™’s ViraPower™ Lentiviral and Gateway® technologies to facilitate easy recombination-based cloning and lentiviral-based expression of a target gene in dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. The pLenti6⁄UbC⁄V5-DEST™ vector has the UbC promoter for driving constitutive but physiological levels of expression of the target gene and the blasticidin selection marker for stable selection in mammalian cells.

• Stable expression
• Long-term experiments
• Accurate titer of functional virus
• Flexible and versatile Gateway® recombination cloning technology

Key Features
• UbC promoter
• V5 epitope tag at C terminus
• Blasticidin selection

Kit includes
• pLenti6⁄UbC⁄V5-DEST™ Gateway® Vector (V499-10)
• ViraPower™ Bsd Lentiviral Support Kit (K4970-00)
• 293FT Cell Line (R700-07)

For research use only. Not intended for any therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Constitutive or Inducible System: Constitutive
Delivery Type: Lentiviral
Promoter: UbC
Product Type: Lentiviral Expression Kit
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): Blasticidin
Key Functions: Viral Expression
Product Line: Gateway™, ViraPower™
Protein Tag: V5 Epitope Tag
Cloning Method: Gateway™
Vector: pLenti

Contents & storage

Vector kit (Boxes 1 and 2)
pLenti6⁄UbC⁄V5-DEST™ (Box 1): 6 µg, -20°C
pLenti6⁄UbC⁄V5-GW⁄lacZ Control vector (Box 1): 10 µg, -20°C
One Shot™ Stbl3™ Chemically Competent E. coli (Box 2): 21 x 50 µL, -80°C
pUC19 control DNA (10 pg⁄µL): 50 µL, -80°C
S.O.C. Medium: 6 mL -80°C

Support kit (Box 3)
ViraPower™ Packaging Mix (1 µg⁄µL): 195 µg, -20°C
Lipofectamine™ 2000: 0.75 mL, +4°C
Blasticidin: 50 mg, -20°C
293 FT cells (3 x 106⁄mL) (Box 4): 1 mL, liquid nitrogen