FreeStyle™ 293 Expression System

Catalog number:  K900001

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The FreeStyle™ 293 Expression System is a complete, suspension cell culture system for generating large amounts of mammalian recombinant protein. Free your lab from the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of seeding, feeding, passing, and maintaining multiple flasks of adherent cells (Figure 1). The FreeStyle™ 293 Expression System combines GIBCO® FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium with 293fectin™, a cationic-lipid formulation designed to transfect suspension FreeStyle™ 293-F cells at high efficiency. FreeStyle™ 293-F cells and 293fectin™ are available as part of the Expression System or separately.

FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium is chemically-defined, protein-free medium specifically developed for the ability to support the growth and transfection of 293-F cells under suspension type culture conditions (Figure 2). The medium is a complete, ready-to-use medium that has been supplemented with GlutaMAX™-I Supplement and is animal-origin free. FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium is able to save significant time and costs associated with adaptation of cell cultures to serum-free conditions.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells
Classification: Serum-Free
Culture Type: Suspension Cell Culture
Delivery Method: Transfection
Expression: Mammalian
Expression Mechanism: Cell-Based Expression
Key Function: Protein Production
Product Line: Freestyle™
Product Size: 1 kit

Contents & storage

The FreeStyle™ 293 Expression System contains:
  • 1L GIBCO® FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium
  • 1 x 107 FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells (frozen)
  • 1 mL 293fectin™ Transfection Reagent
  • 100 mL Opti-MEM® I for Complex Formation
  • 25 µg pCMV-SPORT β-gal
Please review the FreeStyle™ 293 System Manual for storage and handling information. Store FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells in liquid nitrogen. Store 293fectin™ Transfection Reagents at 4°C. Store GIBCO® FreeStyle™ 293 Expression Medium and Opti-MEM® I at 2-8°C in the dark. Store pCMV SPORT β-gal at -20°C. Reagents are guaranteed stable for six months when stored properly.