FreeStyle™ MAX 293 Expression System

Catalog number:  K900010

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The FreeStyle MAX System is a complete system for mammalian transient protein production. This system combines Gibco FreeStyle media, FreeStyle MAX Reagent, and either FreeStyle CHO-S cells or FreeStyle 293 cells. The only equipment required to use the FreeStyle MAX System is a CO2 incubator and a platform shaker with shake flasks or a spinner culture.

The FreeStyle MAX System provides:
• An easy, rapid protocol for transient transfection of CHO and 293 cells in suspension cultures
• Up to milligram quantities of functional proteins with the expected post-translational modifications
• Simplified downstream purification of secreted proteins with FreeStyle™ serum-free medium
• Straightforward protocol for large-scale production

The FreeStyle MAX System can replace time-consuming stable cell line generation with large-scale functional protein production in one week.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: 293
For Use With (Application): Protein Expression
Transfection Technique: Lipid-Based Transfection, Transient Transfection
Product Type: Expression System
Quantity: 1 Kit
Delivery Type: Transfection
Cell Line: FreeStyle™ 293-F Cells
Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Serum-Free
Culture Type: Suspension Cell Culture
Expression System: Mammalian
Expression Mechanism: Cell-Based Expression
Key Functions: Protein Production
Product Line: Freestyle™

Contents & storage

Store FreeStyle cells in liquid nitrogen. Store FreeStyle MAX Reagent at 2–8°C. Store FreeStyle CHO Expression Medium, FreeStyle 293 Expression Medium, and OptiPRO SFM at 2–8°C in the dark. Store the pCMV SPORT at -20°C. Stability is guaranteed for 6 months under the recommended storage conditions. Please refer to the manual for additional storage information.