Arcturus® RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit

Catalog number: KIT0525

Applied Biosystems™  Related applications: Laser Capture Microdissection | Microarray Analysis

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The RiboAmp® HS PLUS RNA Amplification Kit enables the researcher to perform molecular analysis on RNA samples that, until now, have been too small for microarray analysis. The RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit offers unique linear amplification from as little as 100 pg of total RNA. Using a proprietary, patent- pending process for high-efficiency, high-fidelity linear amplification, messenger RNA is amplified up to 1,000,000-fold in two rounds. The RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit produces amplified antisense RNA (aRNA), ready for labeling and microarray hybridization or real-time PCR. The RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit can be used to generate biologically relevant results with cDNA and oligonucleotide array platforms.

Key product features:
• Efficient application – amplify from as few as ten cells
• High fidelity – maintain original mRNA representation after two amplification rounds
• High reliability – obtain consistent results

Amplify from as Few as Ten Cells
The RiboAmp® HS PLUS RNA Amplification Kit allows researchers to perform microarray studies using total RNA from as few as ten microdissected cells. With the RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit, 100-500 pg of total RNA or as few as 10-50 cells captured by Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) generate enough amplified RNA for cDNA or oligonucleotide microarray studies. For best results, use the PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit to optimize RNA recovery from small samples prior to amplification.

Ensure High Fidelity after Two Rounds
The RiboAmp® HS PLUS RNA amplification method maintains the original mRNA representation after two amplification rounds, enabling accurate gene expression profiles from ultra small samples. Comparison of microarray hybridization results between cDNA probes generated from total cellular RNA and from aRNA obtained after two rounds of amplification using the RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kit reveals very high concordance between differentially expressed genes. This demonstrates the amplification fidelity needed for relevant differential gene expression data.

Obtain Consistent Results
When working with ultra-small samples, amplification reproducibility between samples is particularly important. Data from multiple amplifications and hybridizations of the same starting material using the RiboAmp® HS PLUS RNA Kit correlate exceptionally well.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Size: 6 samples
Workflow Step: Reverse Transcription, RNA Amplification, In Vitro Transcription
Includes Label or Dye: No
Reverse Transcriptase: Not Included
Sample Type (General): Cells, Tissue
Downstream Application: Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Microarray Analysis
Sample Type (Specific): Cell Cultures, LCM Samples, Any Tissue Type
For Use With (Equipment): ArcturusXT™ LCM Instrument

Contents & storage

cDNA synthesis kit, in vitro transcription (IVT) kit, amplification purification kit (purification reagents and columns). Variable storage conditions


Manuals & protocols