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Arcturus™ RiboAmp™ PLUS 0.5 Round Kit

Catalog number: KIT0527
Applied Biosystems™

Arcturus™ RiboAmp™ PLUS 0.5 Round Kit

Catalog number: KIT0527
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KIT052712 samples
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The ARCTURUS® RiboAmp® PLUS RNA Amplification Kit permits the researcher to perform molecular analysis on RNA samples that were previously considered too small for microarray analysis. The RiboAmp® PLUS Kit offers unique linear amplification from as little as 1 ng of total RNA. Using a proprietary process for high-efficiency, high-fidelity linear amplification, messenger RNA is amplified up to 1000-fold in one synthesis round and up to 1,000,000-fold in two rounds. The RiboAmp® PLUS Kit produces amplified antisense RNA (aRNA), ready for labeling and microarray hybridization or real-time PCR. The RiboAmp Plus Kit can be used to generate biologically relevant results with cDNA and oligonucleotide array platforms. We also offer RiboAmp® HS PLUS Kits for smaller RNA quantities.

Key product features:
• High fidelity – maintain native expression levels
• Greater sensitivity—detect low-abundance mRNA
• High reliability – deliver reproducible amplified RNA for microarray experiments
• Speedy application – process samples faster
• Enhanced specifity – reveal differences in gene expression between cell types

Maintain Native Expression Levels
The RiboAmp® PLUS RNA Amplification Kit offers unprecedented high-fidelity RNA amplification even from microscopic samples. Comparison of microarray results from total cellular RNA and from aRNA amplified using the RiboAmp® PLUS Kit reveal very high concordance between differentially expressed genes. This demonstrates the RiboAmp® PLUS Kit's ability to deliver the amplification fidelity needed for reliable data analysis from small samples.

Detect Low-abundance mRNA
The RiboAmp® PLUS RNA Amplification Kit enables amplification of mRNA in all abundance classes. Using RT-PCR, low-, medium-, and high-abundance genes are readily detected within the amplified RNA population. Amplification of mRNA in all abundance classes ensures that differential gene expression patterns will be identified.

Deliver Reproducible Amplified RNA for Microarray Experiments
The RiboAmp® PLUS RNA Amplification Kit consistently delivers aRNA ready for labeling and hybridization to expression microarrays with minimal amplification-to-amplification variability. Microarray analysis of independent amplifications from the same source RNA shows excellent correlation.

Process Samples Faster
The RiboAmp® PLUS Kit includes complete reagents and devices for template synthesis, transcription, and nucleic acid purification. Tedious vacuum concentrations are completely eliminated by incorporating optimized chemistries and by using Arcturus' novel, high-recovery MiraCol™ Purification Columns. There are significantly fewer pipetting steps because the sample is eluted directly into reaction tubes and reagents are conveniently pre-dispensed and pre-mixed. In one eight-hour workday, the RiboAmp® PLUS Kit enables amplification, labeling, and microarray hybridization set up. With a convenient overnight in vitro transcription, a second round of amplification can be completed by the following morning.

Reveal Differences in Gene Expression between Cell Types
Accurate gene expression analysis requires the analysis of specific cell types without interference from surrounding cells. Starting with these pure cell populations often means working with small samples. Special technologies are needed to overcome the challenges of handling these precious samples. The combination of LCM, RNA amplification, and microarray analysis reveals differential gene expression between cell types.

Integrated Systems for Microgenomics
The ARCTURUS® Complete System for Microgenomics® offers an integrated solution for preparing small quantities of RNA for gene expression analysis. The System features the ARCTURUSXT™ Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) Instrument to procure pure cell populations, the PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit to extract and purify RNA, and the RiboAmp® PLUS Kit for linear amplification of RNA. Arcturus' Systems for Microgenomics enable accurate and sensitive microarray assays that reveal molecular otherwise obscured in whole tissue samples or cell mixtures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


PLUS 0.5 Round Kit
For Use With (Application)
Microarray Analysis, Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
For Use With (Equipment)
ArcturusXT™ LCM Instrument
Reagent, Device
Label or Dye
Product Line
Sample Type
Any Tissue Type, Cell Cultures, LCM Samples
Workflow Step
Reverse Transcription, In Vitro Transcription, RNA Amplification

Contents & Storage

The RiboAmp™ PLUS Kit includes complete reagents and devices for cDNA synthesis, transcription, and amplification purification. Variable storage conditions


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