Thermo Scientific™

LFM3 Moisture Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific™ Low Frequency Microwave (LFM3) moisture analyzer provides accurate, real time, cost effective measurements in a variety of applications. The Analyzer can be easily integrated and installed and handles materials from the conventional to highly attenuating.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Digital circuitry ensures effective operation in conditions where microwave attenuation is high
  • Large dynamic range for measurement of high moisture content, thick beds or highly attenuating materials
  • True continuous moisture measurement
  • Rugged, light-weight,low-profile microwave antennae for easy installation
  • High-performance, low-frequencymicrowave electronics provide exceptional accuracy in demanding climatic conditions
  • Inexpensive field maintenance due to easily replaceable electronic modules
  • Flexible and user-friendly interface for calibration, operation and diagnosis
  • Direct output to plant with industry standard 4-20mA, MODbus serial and Ethernet interfaces
  • Diagnostic analysis for control efficiency
  • LFM3 radio modem communications for remote system diagnostics and operation
  • Very low microwave power emitted < 20 nano-watts makes the LFM EMC compliant in all countries
  • The LFM3 moisture analyzer is fitted with third party mobile or fixed phone modems to enable remote monitoring and upload of calibration settings
  • Since phase shift and attenuation also depend on the amount of material present, a measurement of the mass loading on the belt is required to compensate or normalize the microwave measurements; A Thermo Scientific weigh scale is usually provided for this purpose
  • A wider engineered solution that considers sampling and feeders can be offered to optimize the accuracy and calibration of the LFM3
  • Elemental analysis can be provided by the Thermo Scientific CB Omni, our cross-belt online analyzer

Ordering Information:

Contact your Thermo Scientific Sales Representative for details.

  • Full digital signal processing capability enables very precise frequency emission and measurement.The very low power transmission of less than 20 nano-watts ensures EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) compliance in all countries
  • LFM material analysis is inherently more accurate than surface measurement NIR (near infrared) and local measurement (microwave resonance)
  • Remote monitoring and control is available via dial up interface
  • Extremely robust phase analysis in highly attenuating environments or high precision applications
  • Rugged, light-weight construction
  • Continuous moisture measurement


Manuals & protocols