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MAS™ LabLink xL WEB

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Diagnostic Testing

Gain external perspective on your internal day-to-day QC, troubleshoot variances immediately with visibility to a world-wide peer group and reduce troubleshooting time with the Thermo Scientific MAS™ LabLink xL WEB, an online inter-laboratory peer-comparison program offering 100% real-time data processing and report generation.
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  • Fully web-based, connect to LabLink xL WEB from any PC with access to the internet
  • 100% real-time data processing and report generation
  • Worldwide peer comparison
  • No monthly cutoff dates
  • Access to various inter- and intralaboratory reports
  • User-defined security with access rights established by the laboratory supervisor
  • Multi-language support
  • Automated connectivity options available via Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ LabLink COMMUNICATOR
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.