Thermo Scientific™

Meridian™ WS-DP System for Semiconductors

With time-to-yield being critical to profitability, it is too costly for advanced foundries, integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies to wait until after dicing and packaging to identify the source of electrical faults. The Thermo Scientific™ Meridian™ WS-DP system enables faster defect localization by using production testers, load boards, and probe cards. All diagnostic options from the Meridian product line are available for the Meridian WS-DP, including: LVx, emission, LADA, and OBIRCH.

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Laser voltage imaging

Laser voltage imaging (LVI), shows the physical locations of transistors that are active at a specific frequency on the Meridian-IV.

CW laser voltage probing

Continuous wave laser voltage probing (CW-LVP) acquires functional waveform data on the Meridian-IV system.

The Meridian WS-DP system provides:
  • Ability to identify systematic defects
  • Significantly increased electrical measurement throughput
  • Improved defect localization success rate
  • Reduced physical analysis time
  • Standard best-in-class InGaAs-based emission detection or
  • High sensitivity extended-wavelength DBX-based emission detection
  • Patented, industry-proven "Point & Click" Solid Immersion Lens (SIL)
  • Rapid die-to-die indexing
  • Dynamic fault coverage with high-speed ATE interface
  • Optional laser scanning microscope (LSM) for static and dynamic analysis
  • Compatibility with most popular third-party EDA applications

EM Services for Semiconductors

Whether you are based in San Jose or Shanghai, our strategically located spare part warehouses allow field service engineers to immediately access the parts needed to keep your system running optimally

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