Thermo Scientific™

Metrios AX S/TEM for Semiconductors

The Thermo Scientific™ Metrios™ AX S/TEM is a 60–200 kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM), designed from the ground up to deliver repeatable TEM- and STEM-based imaging, analytics and gauge capable metrology results at an unprecedented throughput level. With a suite of software that supports everything from productivity-enhancing auto-functions to machine-learning-based navigation and 24/7 automation, the Metrios AX S/TEM ensures success with your challenges today while providing you a roadmap to future design nodes.
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Key benefits

Smart Automation

The Metrios AX S/TEM is a first-of-its-kind S/TEM that uses machine learning to democratize automation in its application user interface (UI). The system removes barriers to automation by providing an intuitive workflow (Smart Automation) that is operable at the technician level for robust data acquisition on never-before-seen parts, in less than four hours for defined use cases.

Consistent alignment

With its Smart Alignment software, the Metrios AX S/TEM tracks current alignment state and position in the stability window (maintained in the background) to keep the tool aligned and consistently operating at specification.

Advanced imaging with S-CORR

With the new S-CORR probe corrector, sub-Angstrom STEM imaging resolution from 60 kV to 200 kV is easily achievable. The Metrios AX S/TEM is equipped with the Panther STEM (advanced STEM imaging), an entirely new, segmented STEM detection and data infrastructure unit. The new detector geometry offers access to advanced STEM imaging capability combined with the sensitivity and detectability to measure single electrons.


The Metrios AX S/TEM is designed for unprecedented ease of use and is ideal for both experienced microscopists and new users. The flexible UI allows for recipe-driven, fully automated metrology and acquisition, semi-automated operation, or manual data acquisition.