Thermo Scientific™

MIC-6 Multi Instrument Calibrator

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The Thermo Scientific™ MIC-6, Multi Instrument Calibrator perfectly complements the industry leading TVA2020 to improve accuracy and save time for optimizing LDAR compliance monitoring. It can automatically calibrate up to six Thermo Scientific™ TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzers or manually can calibrate any other manufacturers portable field analyzers.
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  • MIC-6 saves time, improves accuracy with no ongoing software fees
  • Electronic capturing of calibration records and drift assessments
  • Automatic application of zero gas and 5 additional span gases
  • Calibrates up to 6 TVA2020’s in automatic mode
  • Calibrates up to 6 legacy TVA1000B’s or other similar analyzers in manual mode

The Thermo Scientific MIC-6 has two calibration modes, manual and auto. The auto mode is designed specifically for the TVA2020, while the manual mode can be used to calibrate up to six legacy TVA1000B or other similar instruments eliminating the need for Tedlar bags or similar gas delivery systems.

During the calibration, each span gas, starting with zero air, is delivered to the instruments in increasing concentration. Immediately after calibration the gases are reintroduced to the instruments to confirm the calibration and set the reference point for the drift check.

The calibrator can also perform a manual or automatic drift check of the instruments. In auto drift check mode the calibrator compares the most recent calibration data to the current instrument reading and reports the percent difference.

The calibration gas tank information must be entered into the calibrator to perform the automated features. The MIC-6 will use the tank information, specifically the expiration date, to alert the user that the tank is due to expire within a month of the expiration date.

The MIC-6 also contains a calibration precision data entry screen that can be used to store the response time and concentration readings required for the quarterly calibration precision audit.

The MIC-6 has sufficient memory to store six years’ worth of daily calibration and drift data on over 100 instruments. The data is stored in the order it is received in memory thereby eliminating the possibility of postdating entries.

The data stored in the internal memory can be downloaded via a USB memory device or through a user supplied Bluetooth connection in a .CSV format.