5012 Multiangle Absorption Photometer (MAAP)

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Measure atmospheric black carbon loading using a radiative transfer scheme to particle loaded glass fiber filters with Thermo Scientific™ 5012 Multiangle Absorption Photometer (MAAP), a precision instrument that measures black carbon and aerosol light absorption properties.

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The measurement of BC by optical means has typically meant the measure of the transmission of light through a filter as the BC was collected. This measurement is affected by reflection and the scattering of light in multiple directions due to particle size and shape. Black carbon content of aerosols is continuously determined by simultaneous measurement of optical absorption and scattering of light by the particles collected on the filter tape. A combination of techniques provides a much truer measurement of black carbon content.

Key Features:

  • Automatic operation and continuous measurement of black carbon and aerosol light absorption properties
  • Multiple detectors to simultaneously measure transmitted and scattered light
  • Control and data exchange over two serial interfaces
  • User-selectable sample averaging times
  • Automatic temperature and pressure correction
  • Internal quality assurance and data storage log book

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Detection Limit: 2 min. average is <100ng/m3, <0.66M/m Babs; 10 min. average is <50ng/m3, <0.33M/m Babs; 30 min. average is <100ng/m3, <0.66M/m Babs
  • Filter Change: At 20% transmission (approximately 30μg)
  • Active Measurement Time: >98%
  • Air Flow Regulation: Deviation <1% (PID type)
  • Filter Tape: Glass fiber, type GF 10, approximately 40m
  • Pump Type: RPM regulated rotary vane pump

Options include:

  • PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP Inlets
  • Sampling Tube Extensions
  • Analog I/O Expansion Board
  • Weather Enclosure
  • Rack Mounting Accessories
  • Calibration Kits for Flow Rate, Temperature and Pressure Sensors

Recommended for:

Ideal for industrial pollution and visibility

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