Thermo Scientific™

Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling Software

Catalog number: MOMENTUM
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Thermo Scientific™

Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling Software

Catalog number: MOMENTUM
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Achieve new levels of automation performance with the Thermo Scientific™ Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling software. This industry-leading software platform enables users to define, execute, and monitor scientific processes and workflows in a powerful yet easy-to-use visual environment. Its intuitive scheduling interface, intelligent data-driven decision-making capabilities, superior connectivity and flexible simulation modes helps attain superior performance. Momentum software also comes with a suite of tools that allow for real-time, flexible, autonomous data integration to your workflows.

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Momentum Data Integration Software
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TypeMomentum Data Integration Software
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TypeMomentum Data Integration Software
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Two Versions
  • Single mover
  • Multi robots/plate mover
Unique Software Licensing Model
  • Access to the entire current driver library on one license key
  • Optional Keeping Current subscription package for updates
  • Large (300+), diverse, and ever-expanding instrument driver library
  • Event-driven scheduling for optimal performance
  • Run multiple methods at the same time
  • Real-time on-the-fly decision making 
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop process creation
  • Instrument Pooling
  • Instrument hot-swapping
  • Intelligent decision-based error handling
  • Manual operation steps
  • Simulation and Production modes
  • Access to User Community Forum
Advanced Functionality
  • User defined plate and well data variables for real-time use within methods that can be updated on-the-fly
  • Ability to schedule variable based decision steps
  • Enable addition and execution of new and different work within a running process
  • Powerful process flow control tools remove need for “hidden” program scripts
  • Design and edit process while system is running
  • Expression builder allows users to quickly build complex expressions to process data from variables, plate information and system constants for use while executing work
  • Assign, manipulate, update and transfer plate and well information for on-the-fly use and decision-making during process execution
  • Software Developers Kit available
  • Ability to unify multiple islands of automation treating them as part of larger connected system
Software Connectivity Tools
  • Momentum RESTful API consumes worklists & provides status updates to 3rd party applications
  • Unite Module connects to external services (LIMs, ELN, etc) to enable bi-directional data transfer
  • Support for REST API, .net binaries, SQL and other technologies
  • Data manipulation tools to extract, use, duplicate, manipulate, format and store data for use in system
  • Dashboard display to monitor system, simply add work, and monitor ongoing work
  • Intelligent guidance during process creation
  • Local and Online Help Resources
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Easy-teach wizards
Data Integrity
  • CFR21 Part 11 Compliance
  • CLIA Compliance
  • SQL Database (Open Architecture)
  • Full audit trail for current and past runs, easily accessible from run-time screen
  • Manage user roles and security
  • Full audit trail of all:
    • Changes made to system (methods, parameters, user access levels, etc.)
    • All runs started
    • All data 
    • All instrument operations
    • All system events
    • All user events
    • All errors generated
    • All errors that the system automatically recovered from
    • Full user and system logs
    • Ability to insert user-generated comments to digital logs
Well Suited For
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Biologics
  • Large Molecule (anti-body) sample preparation & analysis
  • Functional genomics and target identification
  • Synthetic biology
  • High Content Imaging
  • Proteomics workflows
  • Cell & tissue (including organoids) culture
  • Laboratory workflow management
  • Sample preparation/extraction
  • Closed loop/secondary screening
  • HPLC & MS workflows
  • NGS


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