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p53 Ab-2, Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

 Related applications: Anatomical Pathology

Achieve accurate, reproducible results with the Thermo Scientific™ p53 Ab-2, Mouse Monoclonal Antibody.

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p53 is a tumor suppressor gene expressed in a wide variety of tissue types and is involved in regulating cell growth, replication, and apoptosis. It binds to mdm2, SV40 T antigen and human papilloma virus E6 protein p53 senses DNA damage and possibly facilitating repair. Mutation involving p53 is found in a wide variety of malignant tumors, including breast, ovarian, bladder, colon, lung, and melanoma.

Host Species: Mouse

Clone: PAb 1801

Isotype: IgG1

Species Reactivity: Human specific.

Epitope: aa 32-79

Immunogen: Recombinant human p53 protein

Molecular Weight: 53kDa

Positive Control: SKBR-3 cells, MDA-231 cells

Cellular Localization: Nuclear

Recommended for:

  • Western Blotting
  • Immunoprecipitation (Native and denatured)
  • Flow Cytometry


USA: RUO; Int'l: RUO

General References:

1. Am J Pathol 140:145-153 (1992)

2. Am J Pathol 141:1343-1348 (1992)

3. J Virol 64:2249-2260 (1983)

4. Int J Cancer 41:1788-183 (1988).

5. Banks L, et. al. (1986) Eur J Biochem 159:529-534.


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