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Lab Vision™ ZAP-70 Ab-1, Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

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Anatomical Pathology

Provides accurate, reproducible results with the Thermo Scientific™ ZAP-70 Ab-1, Mouse Monoclonal Antibody.
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Mutations in ZAP-70 gene results in a form of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID) in humans. ZAP-70 expression also defines a subset of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) in patients with unmutated Ig gene and poor clinical course.

Host Species: Mouse

Clone: 2F3.2

Isotype: IgG2a

Species Reactivity: Human. Others not known.

Epitope: Not determined

Immunogen: GST-fusion to tandem SH2 domains of human ZAP-70 corresponding to residues 1-254

Molecular Weight: 70kDa

Positive Control: Tonsil, Jurkat cells, T- and NK-cells

Cellular Localization: Cytoplasmic (with occasional staining of macrophage lysozymes)

Recommended for:

  • Immunohistochemistry (Formalin/paraffin)
  • Western Blotting
General References:

1. Wiestner, A., et al, (2003). ZAP-70 expression identifies a chronic lymphocytic leukemia subtype with unmutated immunoglobulin genes, inferior clinical outcome, and distinct gene expression profile. Blood, 101: 4944-51. (IHC)

2. Silvin, C., et al, (2001). A role for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein in T-cell receptor-mediated transcriptional activation independent of actin polymerization. J Biol Chem, 276: 21450-7. (WesternBlot)

3. Crespo, M., et al, (2003). ZAP-70 expression as a surrogate for immunoglobulin-variable-region mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. N Engl J Med, 348: 1764-75. (Flow Cytommetry)