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X1 Upgrade for ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader

Catalog number:  N01X1SHTLAS

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The Thermo Scientific™ X1 Upgrade ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader takes a current Thermo Scientific ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader (600 and 700 series) up to the latest image capture technology with the new X1 large field of view camera and. The Photometrics X1 CCD camera boasts a 14-bit dynamic range; 2208x2208 pixel array; 4.54 micron pixel size; and 75% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) to provide high resolution images to the Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software, and ultimately to a relational database for secure storage and access.

Features of the X1 Upgrade for ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader:

• High sensitivity—By harnessing the photon-collecting power of the Sony™ SuperHAD microlens architecture, the X1 camera becomes ultra-sensitive without sacrificing resolution (4.5µm/pixel).
• See more in every image—The cutting-edge Photometrics X1 CCD camera with the enlarged field of view and 4.54 μm pixel size.
• Hardware designed for high throughput—Processing of the data and images from the X1 camera is optimized with a powerful Windows 7, 64-bit PC with a quad core processor.
• HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software is the integrated instrument control, visualization and analysis software package for novice to advanced users.
• Features Thermo Scientific™ Store Express Image and Database Software using a 10GB SQL™ database

Key Technological Features:

• High-resolution, thermo-electrically cooled to 0°C; 14-bit dynamic range; 2208x2208 pixel array; 4.54 micron pixel size; 75% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE); USB 2.0 (no additional CameraLink or FireWire Cards needed); 1x1, 2x2 or 4x4 binning options
• Binning option applied before digitization, which reduces read noise and provides for a 4:1 signal-to-noise ratio
• Larger imaging chip (2208 x 2208 px.)
• Sony SuperHAD microlens architecture for light collection
• Windows 7 Professional 64Bit Cube Computer with minimum quad core 3.7 GHz processor, 32GB RAM, and 500GB Hard Drive space for local images and data for instrument
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: ArrayScan™
For Use With (Equipment): ArrayScan VTI HCA Reader